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How Sound can Change your Life

Have you ever felt a particular connection to a song? When you hear a sound somewhere and it brings you back to a memories or a feeling or even a smell? Do you love particular the sound of the voice of your loved ones?

The answers to all of those questions are yes of course! Everyone without exception is touched by sound. 

Everyone experiences once in their life a warm feeling through sound, a drop of a tear, goosebumps, a feeling of euphoria... a feeling of LOVE.

Understand that Sound is Love as Love is Life. As simple as it is Sound is Life!

Sound Therapy

Let yourself be guided by the harmonic frequencies of sound therapy.

 Since the beginning of time, humans have used sound as a method to heal themselves and others. Sound therapy is a simple and scientifically proven method that uses sounds of any form to act on matter. Since we are made of matter, our body becomes a perfect conductor for these sound frequencies. Vincent uses sounds from traditional instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, therapeutic tuning forks and many more which he chooses according to individual needs.

Sound therapy
Sound healing journey

Sound Healing Journey

A sound healing journey is a complete immersion in an acoustic world of sound. A deep connection to your "self" in an essentially intuitive and shamanic universe.

The sounds touch you on a very subtle and deep level of your emotional awareness. They help you to discover and regain sensations in your consciousness and will help you to recognize or remove blockages on different levels of  your being.

Unstructured sounds transcend our intellect and logic to give room for the mind's creativity in total freedom. Vincent creates different sound atmospheres based on flute, drum, gong, singing bowl and many more. Here you can be completely bathed in sound and immerse yourself in this wonderful and unique experience.

*Individual, for couple or for groups 

Erika, Spain

Beautiful experience! I love the sound journey, it’s very special and you can feel your body vibrate and at the same time you are so relaxed. Vincent has a beautiful voice! I highly recommend him ! ❤️

Book Vincents Sound for your event.

Do you want to add something unique and special to your events?
Do you wish to provide your customers with or add something to your retreat that is different?
A yoga class with a wonderful live soundscape, a sound meditation, or chanting?
Since 2018, Vincent has  been offering his service internationally for yoga studios, retreat centres and private groups. He plays live music for yoga classes and also at Yoga Festivals.
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A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Vincent's therapeutic approach combines all his abilities to offer an holistic treatment where Sound, Movement  and Energy allow any kind of pain to be released on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

Sound Therapy

ZenThaï Shiatsu 



Zen-Thaï shiatsu massage

Let yourself be moved by the sacred dance of the Zen-Thaï Shiatsu massage.

This ancient practice, developed more than 2500 years ago, aims to develop the energetic flow of the meridians through acupressure and stretching while moving you in yoga positions.
With this deep physical body work, muscle tension and restricted mobility can be released.
Thai yoga massage is practiced on the floor, without oil, with loose and comfortable clothing that supports body movements.


Zen-ThaĂŻ shiatsu massage
Feel the pure energy of Reiki and let your inner self relax.


Feel the pure energy of Reiki and let your inner self relax.

This natural technique of connecting and circulating life energy is achieved through the laying on of hands with or without contact.
Reiki naturally treats everything that represents a loss of vital energy, such as fatigue, stress and mental blockages. It balances inner energies, harmonizes and relieves physical pain.
On a physical level, Reiki helps all organs and cells in our body to connect with our self-healing powers to their original function.

Leila, Spain

I have been to various holistic practitioners over the years and i can honestly say i have never experienced anything like this before!! It was amazing!! ... Vincent has an incredible energy and is able to tune into imbalances very naturally; knowing how to tread carefully to make you feel safe and held as you release anything no longer serving you. It's quite honestly one of the most powerful healing sessions i have ever hade.


On donation

  • 60 min
  • Come with confortable clothes

Distance Treatement

On donation

  • 60 min
  • where ever you are in the world

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