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"For me, yoga is arriving in the present moment, connecting with my true self and listening to my own body"

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Based on traditional Chinese medicine, we work with energy channels and emotions


Inspired by Hatha, Hatha Flow and Vinyasa elements to get your body and energies flowing


Lots of extras like sound healing, visualization and classes on specific topics to deepen your knowledge



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In Person Classes in Spain 



Tuesday 6pm - 7pm Javea, Spain

Tuesday 8pm -9pm Denia, Spain

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Eva,Bad Kissingen (GE)

"Laura is a wonderfully inspirational teacher who gives each participant their space to grow."

Barbara, Kitzingen (GE)

"Yoga with you is just wonderful and for me the best way to find my inner center."

Rachel, Tarragona (Spain)

"The sessions with Laura are always with great depth and guidance and Laura always seems to intuitively know what I need in every single session."

What can you expect from a yoga class with Laura?

Laura combines the physical aspects of the yoga postures with the deeper meaning of the yoga philosophy: connecting to oneself and calming the mind.

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to your wonderful body and soul


for your physical movement space


not only for your body but also for your mind

Peter, Frankfurt (GE)

"Yin and Yang Yoga classes taught by Laura bring joy, enjoyment, fulfilment and relaxation"

Conny, Munich (GE)

"Thank you dear Laura for the clarity while practicing, your sensitive passing on of all your extensive yoga experiences"

Ulrike (GE)

"The Yin Yoga classes are wonderful and bring me a lot of relaxation and grounding and the meditations are great, the instructions help me to sit in stillness better"

Yin Yoga 

Yin Yoga is a calm and meditative style in which, in contrast to powerful Yang Yoga, you work passively and not with muscle power. The body is gently stretched, physical tension and blockages can be released and healed, and the internal organs are massaged. We energetically stimulate the energy channels of our body, which are based on the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

No prior knowledge is required for Yin Yoga. The courses are suitable for every level and meet the individual needs of each participant.

Yin Yang Yoga 

This class combines elements of traditional Hatha Yoga, flowing elements of Vinyasa and calm elements of Yin Yoga. Yang, which stands for dynamism, performance and warmth, and Yin, the soft, emotional and gentle, which at first seem to be opposites, but we need both in our lives. You can perceive your body and your mind on different levels and create a balance.

This class welcomes all levels and is varied.