Learn to treat yourself

The basis of Reiki is self-treatment; Train your self-healing powers!

Treat other people,

You can already treat other people, animals with the first level of Reiki.

Learn online or in person

With us privately in Spain or online wherever you are in the world. Reiki energy knows no boundaries

Exchange and support

A lifelong connection to your teacher. We will also be there for you after your training

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki can be translated as "universal energy of life". Reiki was founded in 1920 by the Japanese Mikao Usui and describes a natural technique for reconnecting and circulating life energy through the laying on of hands.

Based on ancient knowledge and traditions, it is not affiliated with any religion.

Every human being is a carrier of this universal energy, so he can become a channel of this energy and transmit it.

In this way, the Reiki practitioner can revive the life energy of himself and others.

Reiki acts naturally with everything that represents a loss of life energy (e.g. fatigue, stress, mental blockages, physical problems, etc.).

Almost like a meditation, it is a natural technique to connect deeply with one's soul to welcome a healthy mind in a healthy body.


  • Anyone can practice and pass on Reiki. There are no exceptions and no age limit
  • Therapists, masseurs, alternative healers who want to expand their sense and knowledge of energy work
  • People who are on the path of self-discovery and personal development and are looking for spiritual growth

Which effect  does Reiki have?

  • Personal development is encouraged
  • Energy differences are compensated
  • Harmony and well-being for body and soul are restored
  • Energetic, physical and mental blockages are released
  • All organs and every cell of our body connects to their original function and healing
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Relaxes and eliminates stress
  • Increases well-being,
  • Energy and awareness
    Self-healing powers are trained
  • Can be applied to animals, plants and other living beings, as well as objects


I completed Reiki I-III with Laura and Vincent and it makes me very grateful and happy to be able to experience this form of working with energy. The two create a wonderful loving, attentive and careful atmosphere and hold the space to fully feel. For our head there is a well-founded script with lots of information and background. In addition, our body is spoiled with delicious food. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you two, for your valuable work and for passing on Reiki ♥️🙏🏽♥️

Teachers Vincent Clénet & Laura Klocke 

Reiki Master Teacher

Vincent and Laura are both Reiki Master Teachers and have been initiating students into the various degrees of Reiki for several years.

Vincent learned Reiki in France in 2014 and was initiated as a teacher in India in 2018 by his teacher Betty Fourage.

Laura also studied under Betty Fourage in India and was initiated to teach by Vincent in 2019.

Laura & Vincent see Reiki as one of their most important personal steps in their own spiritual development. Reiki changed many things in their lives and they wish to pass this on to their students. Both teach with heart and passion and specifically address the individual energies in groups or in individual training.
Learning from 2 Reiki Master teachers is quite unique and a great opportunity to experience different perspectives and practices.

REIKI and its levels

Traditionally, Reiki is taught in successive levels.

Each level or degree of REIKI initiation/training has a specific goal that emphasizes different content and its integration.

Level 1

focuses on physical healing and self-division. The treatment is also taught and practiced on others.

Level 2 

Focuses on the emotional level and goes deeper. You will also learn the Reiki treatment remotely.

Reiki Master 

Focuses on the spiritual soul and health level. You acquire the title of Reiki Master

Reiki Master Teacher

Focuses on the Heart level. You will learn to lead groups and transmit Reiki initiations.

All Initiation content

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to answer any question?


After completing this online training you will have all the knowledge to offer your own Reiki Treatment.


You get a complete manual as a pdf, in which all content is summarized and you have space for your own notes



  • 2 days
  • Self-healing
  • Treatment of others
  • Script & Diploma
Jetzt Buchen



  • 1 day
  • 3 symbols
  • Deepening treatment
  • Script & Diploma
Jetzt Buchen



  • 1 day
  • Master symbol
  • Deepening treatment
  • Script & Diploma
Jetzt Buchen


on request

  • 1 day
  • Last symbol
  • Initiation
  • Script & Diploma
Jetzt Buchen

Reiki and the 7 Chakras!

Chakras are energy centers in our body, areas where many energy paths come together, cross and thus create an energy field.
We traditionally speak of 7 main chakras, which are located down the middle of our torso. These chakras can be blocked or imbalanced for a variety of reasons.
Reiki works through the laying on of hands and helps restore the natural flow of energy.
In the Reiki trainings we learn a little more about the different chakras as each has its own emotional, physical and mental significance. We also get to know the position in the body that is relevant for the Reiki treatment.